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3D Animation using Blender

Deep Dive Into 3D Animation Using Blender

Lesson 1: Introduction to Visual Effects and Blender

3D: General Principles
Making and Rendering Your First Scenes

Lesson 2: Editing Objects

Basic Principle: Data blocks
Separating and Joining Objects
Object Modifiers
Converting to Mesh from Curve

Lesson 3: Texturing, Principles, and Practice

How to Visually Break Down Materials
Materials, Textures, and How They Get onto Surfaces
UV Mapping Basics
Textures in More Depth
More Complicated Procedural Textures with Nodes
Material Nodes

Lesson 4: Further Texturing and Rendering in Cycles

Three-Point Lighting Setup
Advanced Textures
Camera Effects and Properties
Cycles Renderer and Its Settings

Lesson 5: Sculpting and Baking Normal Maps

Sculpting Detail
Baking & Retopologizing
Automatic Tessellation and 3D Sketching

Lesson 6: Compositing

Buildup of a Scene
Color Correction and Texture Editing
Sweetening and VFX

Lesson 7: Basic Animation—Camera and Objects

Constraints for Automating Animation
Animated Textures
Output to Video Files

Lesson 8: Camera Mapping and 2.5D

Parallax Described and Demonstrated
5D Plate Preparation & 2.5D When?
Web and Interactive—2.5D/3D GIF and VR Imagery

Lesson 9: Tracking and Replacement

Tracking—Practical Examples
Tracking—Addition and Replacement
Use of Green-Screen (Monochromatic Environment Removal)

Lesson 10: Animation of Characters

The Armature
Poses and Key frames

Lesson 11: Particles and Fluids

Setting Up Particle Systems
Texturing of Particles
Particles as Hair

Lesson 12: Video Editing and Addition of Sound

Working with Sound/Video Sequence Editor
Sound Effects
Final Output

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