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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a business process that involves handling customer orders and delivering products or services to customers.

It is an essential module in the SAP system and is widely used by organizations across various industries. By learning SAP SD, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help you succeed in your career. You will learn to manage the entire sales process, from inquiry to delivery, and customer relationship management. With SAP SD, you can easily access customer data, order information, shipping details, and payment terms.

Moreover, you can also integrate with other modules in the SAP system, such as the financial accounting module and the materials management module. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of how different business processes work together in an organization, making you an invaluable asset to any company.


SAP-SD-MD (Master Data)

SAP SD user includes master data and the process involves tracking each and every transaction within the data. The sales and distribution master data include customer master data, material master data, pricing conditions record, output records, and credit management. From order to cash process, the entire flow is being recorded in this module.

SAP-SD-BF (Basic Functions)

SAP SD configuration results in an effective process across all basic functions involved in the sales and distribution area. Here, examples of basic functions can be pricing, output etc. The amount of pricing used for a particular sale and the output result from the same and so on.

SAP-SD-SLS (Sales)

As the term suggests, SAP SD sales handle minute details of every sale that is taken place. From recording the product to customer details, pricing, feedback, and the sales process, everything is tracked through this module.

SAP-SD-SHP (Shipping)

Sales are closely related to shipping and delivery. A Product needs to be rightly shipped and delivered to the customer. There are different methods of shipping and this module track each one used for each delivery. The entire process from being shipped to delivered or return back is recorded through this module.

SAP-SD-TBA (Transportation)

This SAP SD component works closely with the above shipping module. A product can be either couriered or manually delivered. The mode of transportation is different for each one and is being tracked through this module.

SAP-SD-FTT (Foreign Trade)

This component helps a department to handle the data related to foreign trade including both imported products and products exported outside. This module works best for enterprises involved with trade across nations.

SAP-SD-BIL (Billing)

Billing is a major part in sales. Customers can pay either online using debit or credit card, through cash on delivery, or by using pay pal account and so on. To maintain a proper track for future reference, each bill detail is recorded through this module.

SAP-SD-CAS (Sales Support)

From selling a product to maintaining it for a process, customers constantly interact with the sales team. The data exchanged between the sales team and customers while delivering support for a product is recorded and reported through this module.

Advantages of SAP SD Configuration in Enterprises

- Track of sales transactions
- Record or pre-sale and post-sale process
- Tracks sales data along with team performance
- Defined process for sales and distribution
- Categorisation of diverse sales and process
- Effective management of sales documents in a unified system

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