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Interview Skills Training

Laxmi Infinity Group offers Personal Interview Skills Training module. Personal Interview is conducted by various people (like HR Head, Technical Head etc.) in the organization. It is usually the last round of an interview process but it may be extended to Round 4 and Round 5, depending on the requirement and also for further satisfaction of the organization.

Laxmi Infinity Group Personal Interview Skills Training module trains an individual on the following Questioning parameters :

Motivation to join a Company - Question that generally could be asked are:

- Why do you want to join us?
- How do you think you fit into this position?
- How would you rate this particular job compared to other industries?
- These questions would be discussed during Interview Skills Training.

Confidence level - Question that generally could be asked are:

-How do you think you can contribute to this organization?
-How do you look at yourself 3 years, 5 years and 10 years from now?
-Why don't you want to study further?

Ability to take decision - Question that generally could be asked are:

- A customer flares up that no one had bothered to handle his problems despite assurances.
- How would you handle this situation?
- A lady customer haggles you for a discount. How would you handle this call?

Ability to work in a team - Question that generally could be asked are:

- How would you describe yourself?
- When do you perform the best-when you are alone or when you have support of people around you?
- How would you rate your achievements in life?
- Would you give credit for your achievements to someone in your life?

Customer Orientation - Question that generally could be asked are:

- How would you handle a customer who hasn't paid his dues for the last few months?
- How would you get a customer to commit?

Attitude - Question that generally could be asked are:

- How do you see your future shaping up in this company ?

The one-on-one interview would be the acid test of a candidate's eligibility and one successfully clearing it surely would make a berth for him in the particular industry. Lastly, you'c also be asked to give at least two good references who would vouch for you.This Module completely prepares you for this acid test, and come out as a winner.

Targeted International Certification After Interview Skills Training Course

Laxmi Infinity Group Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and has international level acceptance for its certifications. Students from Laxmi Infinity Group of Success are given preference in placements as they have proper hands on job related knowledge already, that any industry needs these days.

nsdc logo NSDC certification is aimed at improving the employability of individuals and making them more skilled and productive. The certification is available in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, beauty and wellness, retail, hospitality, IT, and many others.

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